Airsteps Grid
Hyatt&Frisch UG
5x schneller zu verlegen
3x kleineres Transportvolumen als Spanplatten
Jetzt auch für Rips Teppiche geeignet
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Technical information

Our commitment to ecology and resource conservation

Airsteps Grid is a floor plate for exhibition stand construction. Their sophisticated static structure can carry tons of weight, but is also lightweight and easy to cut with an ordinary cutter knife. The plates can be stacked for transport. 50m2 of Airsteps raised floor have a weight of just 150 kg and have a shipping volume of 500mm x 500mm x 1000mm. This saves an additional van for the raised floor.
Length 500 mm
Width 500 mm
Weight per floor plate 375 g
Weight per m² 3 kg
Fire protection class of material B1
Floor height 25 mm
Stacking height approx. 3 mm
Grommet diameter max. 17 mm